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Explore the diverse arrays of fashionable and functional waterproof jackets for men on sale at RAINS. These jackets are crafted to keep men dry in the long, cold winter seasons and allow breathability in the summer seasons. Besides that, they are available in different styles, shapes, and colours.

Waterproof jackets perfect for the Canadian weather

The winter and rainy seasons are extensive and cold in Canada. Therefore, purchasing RAINS waterproof jackets would come in handy during these seasons due to their water-repellent properties. These properties guarantee these jackets to keep Canadians dry during these seasons. However, they should be worn alongside other RAINS gear for complete weather protection. 

Multifunctional waterproof rain jackets

There are several multifunctional waterproof jackets for men on sale at our webshop. One of which is the long jacket, guaranteed to give a high level of functionality during any season. Another available style is the long puffer jacket, guaranteed to produce warmth in severe weather conditions. It is designed with stainless steel and long-lasting rubber trimmings, lump pockets, and a padded hood. 

Fishtail parka is another available waterproof jacket for men at RAINS. It has elastic cuffs and a drawstring hood with an in-built cap to offer more weather protection and distinctive style. This jacket has a zip closure which is covered by a small placket. 

Additionally, RAINS waterproof jackets are all designed with our brand signature materials, polyester and polyurethane coating. These materials make them comfy and adaptive to the diverse Canadian climates. Therefore, RAINS waterproof jackets are a must-have for Canadian men for all seasons. 

The distinctive look of RAINS winter jackets for men

Although these jackets look simply, they have unique appearances. They are designed with balanced natural colours that are sure to complement other colours. Therefore, Canadian men can use them as outerwear for different colours and outfits.  Besides that, these jackets are guaranteed to give a distinctive look if worn with other RAINS gear or other trending fabrics. 

Windproof and ventilated jackets 

Our waterproof jackets are 100% wind-resistant and sure to repel the excessive cold wind of winter seasons. Besides that, these jackets are well ventilated and guaranteed to produce comfort during the summer. Regardless of the season, RAINS waterproof jackets are highly functional and are designed with materials usable with normal fabrics.