Travel series.

Designed for the journey. Engineered for lasting durability. Built to go the distance.

With a world awaiting exploration, Rains’ Travel series offers purposeful and dynamic companions constructed to accompany you anywhere. Each piece is meticulously crafted, organized for convenience and delivered with quality down to the details. Unique pairability unlocks a multitude of possibilities for every type of adventure, with pairable bags for Rains’ signature trollies.
  • Hilo Weekend Bags

    Hilo Weekend Bag is Rains' take on the essential
    overnight bag – one of three available sizes.

  • Texel Duffel Bags

    Texel Duffel Bag is carefully designed for unparalleled functionality when traveling. Comes in three sizes.

  • Texel Kit Bags

    Compact and functional, Texel Kit Bag boasts plenty of space to carry athletic kits or essentials for short trips.

  • Texel Cabin and Check-in Bags

    Texel Check-in Bag and Texel Cabin Bag are made from Rains’ signature waterproof PU, with a half-body shell for optimal durability during transit.

  • Texel Crossbody Bag

    Built for dependability, Texel Crossbody Bag is sleek, waterproof and optimized for organization.

  • Texel Tote Backpack

    Texel Tote Backpack’s dynamic design is proportioned to house full-sized tech and can be worn two different ways.

  • Texel Wash Bag

    Texel Wash Bag is cut from signature waterproof PU and sized to house travel-sized cosmetics, with clever interior organization.

  • Texel Cabin Trolley

    Made from durable polycarbonate, organized for convenience, and ultra-secure, Rains’ carry-on suitcase glides on four multi-directional wheels.


Pairable bags.

Take the task out of travel with Rains’ Texel range. Pairable compatibility keeps luggage neatly grouped, your hands free, and your focus fixed on the joy of getting away. Simply slip the integrated back mounted trolley sleeve around telescopic comfort handles, secure the zipped closure, and go!

A style for every journey.

Hilo Weekend Bags.

Find your perfect companion for weekend getaways in our Hilo Weekend Bag collection. Built to withstand the demands of travel, these bags offer both style and practicality.

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Texel Cabin Trolley.

Wheel on, wheel off. Rains’ carry-on suitcase glides effortlessly on four multi-directional wheels. Made from durable polycarbonate, the waterproof bi-fold body boasts two spacious compartments and secures with a TSA-approved integrated lock. Raise the telescopic handle to a level that’s comfortable for you.

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Texel Duffel Bags.

Texel Duffel Bag is characterized by a distinctive cylindrical profile and carefully designed for unparalleled functionality when traveling – even if that’s just your daily commute. A generous opening and innovative organization ensure no space goes to waste. Traveling light? It comes in a smaller size too.

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Texel Kit Bags.

Compact and functional, Texel Kit Bag boasts plenty of space to carry athletic kits or essentials for short trips. The waterproof design is neatly organized and has a back-mounted trolley sleeve, so it slips seamlessly over trolley handles for easy transportation.

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Weekend and Duffel Bags


Experience bags in 3D.

Texel Cabin Trolley

Texel Duffel Bag

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