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Women's Rain Jackets

Get dressed for rainy days with modern and functional Rain Jackets for Women. Inspired by the Scandinavian design heritage, RAINS offers an extensive selection of functional rainwear.

RAINS - Novelty is our policy

By rethinking the traditional rainwear, we want to surprise you with many contemporary pieces that are perfect for any occasion. Our entire collection is created with durability, and longevity in mind, so you can be sure to have items you can proudly wear for many years. We have supplied women with RAINS gear since 2012 and are continuously doing so with an innovative approach. All Rain Jackets for Women are made with smart features such as adjustable cords, snap buttons, and waterproof zippers for a comfortable fit. We want to make sure that you feel amazing and stay fashionable even during pouring rain, which has been a struggle before now.

At RAINS we always make sure that our ideas are completely thought-through from beginning to end, why you are ensured quality of the highest standards for your women's rain jackets and a style that goes surprisingly well with everything.

Women’s Rain Jackets – we have a style for any taste

Looking for a fit to accentuate your female figure? We have got just the right fit. Take a closer look at our classic Curve Jacket or the new style String Overcoat. Both Rain Jackets for Women are extra fitted around the waist and have a knee-length.

If you are more into a long and loose fit, you do not have to worry. Try our Fishtail Parka, Long Jacket or Longer Jacket. Feel free in a spacious silhouette, under which you also can fit a regular jacket.

As RAINS grows, we also want to grow our assortment, which is why you now can find our Ultralight line, which has jackets of several sorts and in different colours. What makes this line stand out from the crowd, is the extremely breathable material, so you can wear your Women’s Rain Jacket in all seasons.

Combine your Rain Jackets for Women with other items from RAINS

One of the best things about purchasing your Women's Rain Jackets from RAINS, is the fact that everything can be mixed and matched. We have made it our goal, that everything goes well together and that our customers believe it to be easy to combine our items across all categories.

If you are going travelling or one a longer trip, you can go discover our range of Travel Bags that look great with Rain Jackets for Women. Find the exact match in colour and material or find a complementary bag in a different statement colour. The choice is completely yours.

For days in the city or a stroll in nature, our Bum Bags and Tote Bags are a true must have. Depending on how much space you need, these bags are the perfect items to fit all your belongings, for a picnic in the wild or essential items for a walk around your favourite shopping area. We have made sure that you have plenty of options to choose from, so you are sure to find your signature style.


How do you wash rain jackets?
We recommend not washing Rains products in a laundry machine. The process will negatively effect the fit over time. Instead, here are two at-home suggestions to clean Rains products. 1. Apply methylated spirits/white spirits (for household purposes) onto a dry cloth or sponge and gently apply the cloth or sponge onto the product. 2. Clean surfaces with soapy water and a damp cloth.

How to iron a rain jacket?
We recommend to steam Rains products. An iron should never be used on the outside of Rains products. However, an iron on low heat can be used on the inside of the jacket to create a wrinkle-free surface on the outside.

Is a rain jacket a windbreaker?
Our rain jackets feature a 0.02 cmm air permeability.

What are the best waterproof raincoats for women?
At Rains, we strive to design raincoats for women by combining simplicity, high functionality, and relevance. This way, our modern and contemporary raincoats will withstand all weather. As a result, the great variety of raincoats for all seasons and any occasion make waterproof raincoats from Rains the best for women.

Which is the best quality raincoat?
The best quality of a raincoat is a good waterproof quality that makes the coat good enough to withstand cold, rainy and windy weather season after season. A soft feel, windproof, and lightweight qualities are additional pluses for the quality of the best raincoat.

What is the difference between a raincoat and a rain jacket?
What differentiates a raincoat from a rain jacket is the length, the amount and the weight of the materials. Raincoats are longer, usually below the hips, while they are of heavier materials. In contrast, rain jackets are shorter and more lightweight. However, at Rains, they are both waterproof and will keep you protected from all wet elements.

Which colour is best for a raincoat?
Finding the best color is no problem with several raincoats in different colours. The choice is individual, and for that reason, we have made it easy for you at Rains. Choose a colour that matches your styles and your other Rains gear, or go with a jacket in a contrasting colour. The possibilities are endless, and only your imagination sets boundaries.