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Mens Bottoms

Yes, Canada is known for its relatively wet climate, but it shouldn't stop men from heading out every day. During the cold and wet seasons, it's essential that every man can protect his legs from getting soaked. What better way to do that than with waterproof pants for men?
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New style

3 colors

New style

3 colors

The importance of waterproof pants for men

When the rainy season begins, there will be heavy and light downpours in different parts of the city. It's expected that men find a way to go about their daily activities despite the wet climate. During this period, regular pants will not be good enough. Regular pants can easily get soaked from splashes of water. Without any doubt, this would ruin your dressing. 

Waterproof pants for men by RAINS are the ideal solution to help you get around during this weather condition. They will fail to get wet. At the same time, they will also preserve your "clean" appearance. 

Many different waterproof pants to choose from

Anyone interested in getting these unique waterproof pants for men will be happy to know that there are several options. Despite their waterproofing nature, these pants are still available in several styles and designs. 

When choosing these pants, men get to choose what they want to protect their legs and appear stylish at the same time. At RAINS we have created the perfect fashion item for men during the winter.

Comfortable pants 

With RAINS waterproof pants for men, there's no stopping you - even in wet conditions. Designed to prevent water absorption, these pans also feature premium quality materials that don't wear out easily. Yes, these pants will last you for a fairly long time. They are also completely breathable and will stay comfortable for hours.