Innovation lies at the forefront of Rains’ design process. From lightweight liners to robust winter-ready jackets; every element of the all-new Thermal collection has been designed with intention. Five distinctive series provide options and alternatives for all climates and sartorial inclinations.


Temperature rating.

Each insulated outerwear design from Rains is engineered to provide optimal warmth for a varying range of temperatures and climates. Derived from recycled material, Rains’ signature, featherless insulation is water-resistant and boasts a high-loft volume. Developed for performance, a temperature rating from T1-T4 marks the level of insulation from lightweight to winter-ready.

Waterproof rating.

Engineered for optimal performance in wet weather, Rains’ signature fabric is special in two ways; it’s waterproof and breathable. These combined properties result in a unique reaction to water designed through the lens of performance. When wet, the PU-coated fabric rises to lock out rain, while maintaining airways for breathability. Developed for comfort, a waterproof rating from W1-W4 marks the level of moisture barrier from light mist to steady showers.

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Rains Alta Long Puffer Jacket Jackets 01 Black
Rains Alta Long Puffer Jacket Jackets 24 Sand
Rains Alta Puffer Jacket Jackets 01 Black
Rains Alta Puffer Jacket Jackets 83 Waves