Rain Ponchos

Protect yourself from harsh rainy conditions while remaining stylish with a waterproof rain poncho. This outfit would keep your body warm and dry in wet conditions and maintain convenience in dry conditions. Avoid any obstacles to a smooth winter experience by picking up any waterproof rain poncho from RAINS.

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Lightweight and compact ponchos for rainy days

For women reside in Canada, a waterproof rain poncho is a great idea for several reasons. To start with, it helps you protect yourself from the rain while on a budget. They are a great addition to talk along on the weekend away or short walking holiday. 

Also, they are incredibly lightweight and compact. They won't take up much space in your luggage. Due to their design, they allow breeze into your upper body and don't affect your walking rhythm.

Stay stylish in the winter 

If you are on the market for a waterproof rain poncho, RAINS is an ideal choice. Their rain ponchos are lightweight, breathable, and convenient. They also allow women to stay stylish in the winter. You get to choose from different styles and colors of rain ponchos to make a choice. 

A RAINS waterproof poncho offers more than just protection

While our waterproof rain poncho is designed to protect women against cold rainy conditions, there are other important things to note. They are made from durable materials that will last many years. They also come in stylish designs that let women express their taste.


Are rain ponchos from Rains waterproof?Rain ponchos from Rains are waterproof. They are made from Rains' signature PU fabric.

How is the fit on rain ponchos from Rains?The fit is loose, making room for wearing bags underneath. 

Are rain ponchos from Rains breathable?The rain ponchos are lightweight and have engineered ventilation, making sure they are breathable throught the day. 

What is a rain poncho? At its basic, a rain poncho is a waterproof lightweight garment with no sleeves. Your head goes through the opening of the poncho, and most rain ponchos even have a hood. Rain ponchos from Rains fit loosely, making it possible to wear them over other clothing and a backpack.

Where to buy a rain poncho? At Rains you can buy rain ponchos in various styles and colors. They fit loosely and are ideal for cyclists and those living an active lifestyle. They feature a hood and are made to keep you dry during cycle commutes and other endeavors.

What is the best rain poncho?The best rain poncho keeps you dry throughout the day, on commutes, on long walks through the city and for whenever you need a loose-fit waterproof garment for an active lifestyle. Rain ponchos from Rains have a hood, making sure it will keep you dry throughout the day.

How to wash a rain poncho?Rain ponchos from Rains can be washed in cold water at 30°C / 85°F. Furthermore, these care instructions apply:Do not bleach.Do not tumble dry.No ironing.Do not dry clean.Do not use fabric softener.Do not use waterproofing additives.Wash with similar colours.

How to wear a rain poncho?Rain ponchos are mostly worn as an outerwear garment over other clothes and can also be worn over a backpack. Rain ponchos from Rains have a loose fit and feature a hood.