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Waterproof Winter Coats

Snowy days and frosty weather require warm additions to your wardrobe. With RAINS you don’t have to worry about getting cold. We got your winter wardrobe covered with our smart winter coats. RAINS offers long lasting, waterproof, breathable, and most importantly warm items. Discover the stylish winter coats for men and women. Every coat is mindfully made.

Stay dry and stylish with a Waterproof Winter Coat from RAINS

You don’t have to worry about getting cold nor wet, when wearing RAINS warm winter coats. All our waterproof winter coats are made to keep you both warm and dry throughout your day.

All the coats for winter are coated with the RAINS signature PU fabric, which is also used for the women’s Rain jackets and the men’s Rains Jackets . This makes the styles completely water resistant.

Our waterproof winter coat will quickly become indispensable for you. Wearing our coats, you never have to worry about the weather. You will be able to enjoy being outside, even when the temperature drops.

The material is not just waterproof it is also breathable, which is key for your amenity. So, no more discomfort, from getting cold, wet, and feeling enclosed.

All this makes the winter coats ideal for both long days outside, discovering nature and for everyday use.

The color palette contains earthy shades as taupe, olive, green and slate. You can also find a more classic black or white winter coat, which will never go out of fashion. Are you feeling a bit more bold, then take a look at the beautiful Ice color.

Find the perfect winter coat fit for you

The designs of both our women’s winter coats and men’s winter coats are made around the principles of simplicity and quality. The winter coats are all made to fit into any wardrobe, and to last season after season.

You don’t have to worry about finding a fit that matches your preferences and body type. You can find a variety of longer jackets, which will make sure that also your lower body is kept warm and dry. For instance, you could try out the Glacial Coat. Are you searching for more of a signature piece? Then take a glimpse at the extra-long puffer coat, a winter coat that meets your every need. This winter coat is two coats in one. The design can be shortened by zipping off the lower panel of the coat.

If you need a coat that gives you more flexibility, then one of our short winter coats will fit your needs. You can take a closer look at the Hooded puffer coat. This winter coat has a straight silhouette, and a nice spacious hood. This is a cool fit and can be used for both strolls around the city and adventures in nature.

Are you looking for a more form fitting and feminine winter coat? Then you should consider the trekker W coat. This waterproof women's winter coat has a more figure-flattering silhouette. It got slim-line webbing and a stylish belt to emphasize your waist.

Combine the winter coat with other RAINS items

You may want to look at some other RAINS products, that will fit your waterproof winter coat and keep all your belongings safe from the rain.

If you’re studying and carrying your laptop around every day, then our laptop covers, and portfolios are perfect for you. The laptop covers are of course made in waterproof materials. Some of them in the RAINS signature lightweight waterproof fabric and others in PU coated fabric.

With the RAINS materials you don’t have to fear your laptop getting wet whenever you get caught in the rain. The laptop covers are offered in neutral earthy colors, so you will surely be able to find one that fits your waterproof winter coat.

Are you looking for a waterproof bag to bring with you on your ventures? we got you covered. Discover our broad selection of backpacks to meet your every need. Our backpacks are made to cover your essentials. The Backpacks compliment the winter coats perfectly.

Not your usual disposable winter coat

When you are shopping at RAINS you can be sure to only find product in the best quality, made from the best fabric. Whether it is the characteristic RAINS light woven polyester, our outerwear line made with strong nylon or the PU coating.

Our mission is to make simple and timeless designs, which will make you love your winter coat for more than just one season.

All our products, including the waterproof winter coats are made so they are easy to clean. With the RAINS winter coats, you don’t have to worry about getting dirt on you throughout the day. You will be able to go out amd enjoy life without any concerns about getting dirty. Therefore, RAINS made the material in a way where the dirt will easily be cleaned off your coat, with a damped cloth.


What types of winter coats is Rains selling?
We offer a wide range of winter coats for men. Have a look at our hooded puffer coat, long puffer jacket, glacial coat and many others. The design is simple and minimalistic.

What are winter coats from Rains made of?
Most of our winter coats are made from a breathable, yet waterproof fabric.

Are there any coating on winter coats from Rains?
Most of our winter coats are coated in Rains signature matte PU.