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Frequently asked questions

Yes, all of our jackets are tested to 4000 mm and the bags to 8000 mm.

Water column pressure measures the hydrostatic pressure that is required in order to penetrate a given fabric. The higher the value, the more water resistant a fabric is, and the more water pressure it can withstand before it leaks.

In general the unisex jackets are slightly oversized, the purpose being accommodation for a normal jacket or sweater underneath. See our size guide.

Yes, you can wash the jacket/coat in a regular washing machine at 30-40 degrees.

Yes, you can iron the inside of the jacket to get a perfect wrinkle free outer surface.

Use our Return system, there you will log in with your email and order no. and have the opportunity to get a refund or replacement within 14 days of purchase.

You can find your closest store here.

Yes, in your shipping mail there is a tracking link where you will be redirected to the shipping company's page.

Delivery time is approximately 2-6 working days. All orders are shipped within 48 hours. We deliver within Canada only.

Orders within Canada will not need to pay duties but will be subject to provincial taxes.

It depends. If you bought it from our retail stores, then please contact them. If you bought it on, then just fill out the return system if the jacket is still under the 2 year warranty. If it's not warranted, please send us a mail with an attached image and then we will take it from there.

Please check your tracking link from your shipping email. Perhaps the shipping company already tried delivering it while you weren't home. If so please contact the noted shipping company from the tracking link.

No, refunds on online purchases are not possible in our physical stores. But we always offer to do an exchange for a different product, color or size.

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