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Pencil Cases

At RAINS we offer stylish and functional pencil cases. These cases will protect your pencil and other stuff from different types of damage. The waterproof pencil case is ideal for organizing small items such as erasers, pens, pen clips, eraser clips, and pencil sharpeners while also protecting them from getting wet.

No products found in this collection at this time.

Stylish and smart pencil cases 

When signing up for school or running a study program, a pencil case can quickly become a useful personal accessory. It'll be essential to take your pencils along to class. Carelessly keeping them in your bag can subject them to different levels of damage. These cases are perfect for keeping stationery, including pens, erasers, and sharpeners, safe and properly organized.

It's also interesting to note that a waterproof pencil case is your best protection to keep stationary from getting soaked due to wet conditions. Getting a pencil and other stationary wet can be a lot of hassle. It may even hamper productivity. But a pencil case can avoid this sticky scenario. 

This pencil case is a subtle way to express your style. That's more than anyone could ask for. 

Choose your favorite pencil case 

An interesting feature about our waterproof pencil cases is they are made from high-quality waterproof fabric. As a result, stationery stored within them will not get soaked. The material is also tough and has a smooth feel. The case features a TPU zip puller for easy access to its contents. There'll be no form of discomfort from carrying it in your palm for an extensive duration. 

There are several RAINS pencil cases to choose from. Buyers get to choose between mini and regular issues. There are various color options available too. 

More than a regular pencil case

Because of the quality in the manufacture and construction of these pencil cases, they are resistant to wear and tear. At RAINS we use high-quality materials to design durable products. Therefore, it's expected that this item will last for an extended duration before it must be changed. 

It's easy to mistake this product for a typical pencil case, but it's not. They offer premium quality durability and comfort. Through this product, RAINS redefines what it means to be a student.

A fancy pencil case is also a great gift to someone you care about. Find your favorite one in the collection.