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At Ease.

June 24, 2018

Photographer: Johnny Liu
Stylist: Naomi Lee
Make-up: Samantha Dempsey
Models: Onosholema & Kio
Agency: Family Management

Unpredictable weather is no stranger to any of the annual seasons. Rains contributor, Johnny Liu, took to Vancouver, British Columbia where the populous knows a thing or two about diverse weather conditions. Warm rain is a well-known phenomenon during hot summers in Vancouver, where sudden showers of sun-soaked rain can drench the city at a minute’s notice. Across the world at Rains headquarters in Denmark, rain is a consistent personality to anticipate. Danes have a saying, “Nogle mennesker går i regnen, andre bliver bare våde,” which loosely translates to, “Some people walk through the rain, others just get wet.” Titled, “At Ease.,” Liu’s photoshoot in Vancouver explores just that; to take on rain with ease.

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